The fifth studio album of the rock band “Thirty Seconds to Mars”

The fifth studio album of the popular American alternative rock band “Thirty Seconds to Mars” was released five years after the previous album “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” in 2013. The album turned out to be completely different to previous albums stylistically.

Before this album, the band looked like the brand which maneuvered between neo-progressive rock, alternative, and post-grunge. However, all fans who expected to hear the familiar sound of the band were pretty disappointed. The album showed a completely different style and sound. Anyway, there were some signs that pointed to the changes before the release. In the interviews, Jared Leto (the leader of the band, songwriter and actor) stated that the band is in search of a new sound. He stated that this is what the band needs. He also stated many times that the next album will be experimental in some way.

You can listen and make your own opinion about the album. Here you will find even more free mp3 songs . The guitar rhythms and riffs from previous works here were replaced with the more melodic sound of electronics and indie pop. Some of the listeners liked the changes a lot, while the others were disappointed. Anyway, this is how it usually goes in the music industry, especially there is something like five years of expectations. Some of the listeners were also very disappointed because of the decision of the guitar player Tomislav Milishevich to leave the band. Anyway, the show goes on.