How to master piano sheet music for beginners

Music belongs to the temporary art, as it exists only during the performance. But there is something that allows you to capture a piece of music or work in eternity, these are notes. The ability to quickly read piano sheet music for a real musician is like reading a book.

There is a logical way to enter the world of music. Guides on this path becomes musicality, ability to read piano sheet music, artistic interest and a developed sensitivity to musical beauty. The elementary abilities necessary for entering the world of music are an important features of a person, as well as the perception of rhythm, tempo, length and discontinuity, loudness or weakness of sound.

One should speak about musicality only in terms of the internal ability to evaluate the movement of a musical stream as a meaningful utterance. It is connected with revealing the tension of tones and their weakening, consonance and dissonance, contrast, stability and instability, rise and fall, completeness and incompleteness.

The abilities that each person possesses develop from inclinations, natural predispositions, which are in a hidden potential form until one begins to engage in any particular activity.

The activity of the musician is based on the interaction of very subtle coordination of auditory, tactile and motor sensations, abilities to read piano sheet music as well as on the sensations of space and time.