Social Media Marketing

This is one pretty self explanatory. Engaging with your customers is a must for any business and social media makes it all the easier and time saving. Engaging with customers can be for any reason. They may have a question about your product, they may have a support issue where they need your help regarding your product. It may just be that they want a quick chat to know the company is listening to them. Staying on top of all engagement is so vital. Ignoring customers hurts a business, so be sure to keep enaged.

Using MarketMeSuite is a great way of staying on top of all your social media conversations. Whether you want to see your Twitter @mentions, people talking about you but not to you, DM’s, Facebook notifications or linkedIn treads, etc, then MarketMeSuite is the tool for you. Just set up a Smart Inbox to filter for any of the feeds you may want or need! You can see all manners of customer and public engagement, manage them and respond. Not only do these inboxes help you stay on top of your customer interaction, they also allow you to assign particular issues or topics to the employee who is best equipped to answer them! Have someone asking technical questions and want tech support to read it? Assign it a colored flag and there you go! You can always be sure to know your audience is getting the attention they need and via the people who are best able to give it.

Digital/ Social Curation and Leads

This is actually two phrases but they go hand in hand. You may have heard of them but never really understood the relevance. Essentially, it is the ability to manage, archive and maintain a collection of online content. This is something you can do with your social media outlets. In fact, it’s something you need to be doing with your social media. For example, when searching Twitter for mentions or reference’s to your business you may find a tweet that read, «Was thinking of checking out Name of Company» or «I’ve heard Company is a good altnerative to so and so». These are tweets you need to enage with to gain customers and show you are enaged and listening.

Using MarketMeSuite, you can locate a tweet or Facebook or LinkedIn update and archive it as a «Lead» whether it be in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. That way you can see how many «Leads» you have and know to reply to them. Taking the time to work on your leads and engage with the people behind them means you can convert the public into customers!

Beyond simply «collection,» MarketmeSuite will allow you to curate by location, network, team member. This is powerful. It becomes lead curation. And that’s what it’s all about. Cutting through the clutter, organizing your marketing, engaging in the most relevant places and analyzing what you’re doing right, what parts of the world you’re hot in, and the places your not.


Social Local Mobile. In layman’s terms, this just means «Geo-Targeting by location». It’s all very well and good being a chiropractor in London searching Twitter for a tweet that reads «My back hurts» but finding that the person is in Australia is no good to you what so ever because you can’t get them to be a customer.

By geo targeting your searches with MarketMeSuite, you are always targeting the location which best suits your business. After all, if you engage with someone just a few blocks away from you, they will be so much more likely to sit up and listen than someone in another country!